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Culture exchange

Asia and Europe are vastly different considering beliefs, traditions and the way of life in general - our differences and our similarities are fascinating. If we are only surrounded by people from our own area or country, we might miss out on interesting perspectives and stories. Moreover, young people are likely to meet a variety of people in the future. Not only tourists that they might bump into in the street but also professionals in their (online) work environment. By gaining awareness about cultures and seeing other ways of thinking, we can work much better in an international work environment. This way we increase our value to our customers, colleagues and our employer.


Nowadays, there are many ways to educate ourselves online but nothings beats a friendly conversation between people from different backgrounds. By coming to your school, company or project I offer:

  • Face to face conversations; how does Dutch/Western culture relate to your culture?

  • Presentations about Dutch culture; how do Dutch people live their lives? How do they balance their work and leisure time?

  • It is also possible to have these conversations and presentations in online meetings.

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