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Welcome to the Impact Travel Blog

Welcome, selamat datang, to this first blog post. During my life I have spent a lot of time travelling. I have grown into my role as a 'slow traveller', staying longer in a country, really getting to know the culture and the people. Honestly, some things I have learned are just so interesting that I really want to share them with you.

That's why this blog will dive deep in all things related to travelling in Asia, mainly Indonesia, and also the Netherlands. Think of food, nature, culture and of course the fantastic people. Not only do I want to look at our differences but also the similarities between the East and West. My blog will also contain valuable lessons about sustainable farming, one of my passions in life.

I will admit that I, like many others, have a short attention span. So the blog post will be short and sweet. That way, you learn a bit more in bite-sized pieces and you can continue on with your day! Stay tuned!


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