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The help I could give you falls into the four categories below. However, I'm always open to discuss interesting ideas together with you, as long as we can make a positive impact. There are endless possibilities for events, activities, lessons and much more. Let's get started!


Culture exchange

Travelling can be much more than sight-seeing. It can teach life lessons and deep insights into a community's way of life. Everybody can become a teacher when there is a person willing to hear them and see their point of view. This means that as a traveller, I can also take on the role of a teacher, as a proud citizen from the Netherlands. I have a deep love for my own country, its culture and the people that live in it. Sharing this with the people I meet along the way, either in conversation, through presentations or in other ways brings me great joy. Read more.

Teaching English

Learning English is not easy. It takes time, consistent effort and application in real life. By learning both English and Indonesian I have experienced the difficulties of learning a foreign language. That is why I put in my best effort to provide interesting lessons in
a comfortable learning environment. I use patience and kindness when correcting mistakes to show that these
mistakes are welcomed as necessary steps to improve
language skills and to effectively communicate in English in and outside the classroom. I use materials from different sources that are based on real life situations and require different language skills (speaking, listening, writing and reading). I also try to personalise my lessons to engage students and have them enjoy the lesson. Read more.


Sustaintable agriculture

Our environment has been degraded severely. As a result of exploitative farming practices, we are seeing loss of biodiversity and loss of fertile soil. Moreover, it is becoming increasingly difficult to feed humanity. Not just to provide calories but healthy, nutritious food. A well-designed farm can provide much needed solutions. By using creative, sustainable farming practices we can bring back biodiversity and revive our soils. Agriculture can be so much more than boring fields of one single crop. They can be functioning ecosystems full of life that provide livelihoods and have the potential to get young people back to the countryside. After working on different farms around the world, I developed a passion for farming that I'd love to share. Read more.

Global citizenship education

People around the world have become interconnected through the development of technology, making it easier to meet and work together, online and offline. Moreover, the world is facing global challenges that require people from different parts of the world to work together and find solutions. Future generations have to gain the skills to solve these complex problems and become global citizens, citizens aware of each other's cultures and backgrounds. Our education system can facilitate learning to develop cultural awareness and an open attitude to people from different countries and backgrounds. There are tons of different topics to use to make engaging lessons. Read more.

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