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Teaching English

In these times, language learning is widely accessible throughout the internet, this applies to English as well. However, a learning experience that is engaging and keeps students coming back for more is not as easy to find. My lessons are engaging, using interesting and challenging topics that are relevant to current times. This evokes genuine response and honest opinions from my students that contribute to the production of language. I use humour as a tool to balance out the lesson and to keep it light-hearted. I believe there are no stupid questions, and making mistakes is crucial in the learning process.


As an English teacher, I combine a wide array of materials to create lessons that are based on real-life situations and directly help to achieve the learner’s goals and teach language that can be applied to their field of work. I am eager to use different teaching methods such as guided discovery and task-based learning that are learner focused and am always willing to help students extend their English study outside the classroom. Through these ways, I try to provide students with opportunities to take control of the learning process. It is truly amazing, to see learners develop their confidence in using the English language and wanting to know more.

Global Citizenship is an element I integrate into my lessons. While we learn English, we also learn about different cultures and gain awareness. In turn, this creates solidarity and empathy among students from different countries and backgrounds which are essential to create positive change in the world.

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