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I had great experiences working together with local families, farmers and teachers in different countries. I'm glad the feeling was mutual. Read the reviews below to see how they experienced working together with me.

Lak Aruna Foundation, Sri Lanka

Your dedication to the homeschooling sessions and your involvement in various classes and activities demonstrate your passion for making a positive impact. Your tips on preparing lessons and engaging with students creatively are invaluable for future volunteers. It's heartwarming to hear about the warm hospitality you received from the local community. Thank you for sharing your experiences and for the valuable advice you've provided for future volunteers. Your commitment to the foundation's mission and your willingness to contribute in various ways, from teaching young students with Mrs. Pramudi to joining classes with Mrs. Saga, is truly commendable. Your recommendation to consider giving a small donation at the end of your stay highlights the importance of supporting the foundation's work. Your dedication and positive attitude are truly inspiring. 

Urvashi Patel, volunteer coordinator, Nar Education Trust, India

Dino volunteered with us for 7 weeks, he is a qualified and very experienced teacher, he came to us with a great smile on the first day and we knew straight away that the children and teachers were going to have a great teaching and learning experience.

Dino taught English classes with a range of materials, contributing to the development of all the four sub-skills: writing, reading, speaking and listening. He covered for absent teachers at short notice which has been a great help to the school during emergency cover. He Joined classes of the other teachers at school and contributed to English and Science lesson and also helped with invigilating during exams.

Dino brought with him new ideas on teaching and learning as well as outdoor activities, played football and badminton with the hostel boys in the afternoon as well as contributing to the 3 days’ sports annual function. The teachers really enjoyed having lunch with Dino and this also helped teachers practice their English and informally exchange new ideas.

St. Kabir public school, Karnal, India

Delighted to share our appreciation for Dino, who volunteered at our School. Dino's dedication and hard work have been nothing short of inspiring. His ability to create engaging and informative presentations has significantly enhanced our students' understanding and knowledge of the Netherlands.

Dino's presentations were not only filled with fascinating facts but also presented in a manner that was both accessible and captivating for students of all ages. His passion for sharing knowledge about the Netherlands was evident in every session, making learning a truly enjoyable experience for our students.

We are fortunate to have Dino as part of our school community. His efforts have not only contributed to the educational growth of our students but have also brought a piece of the Netherlands into our classrooms. His commitment to volunteering and enriching the lives of our students deserves our commendation.

Gading Aulia, Ruang Belajar Aqil, Malang, Indonesia

Dino does not come to play, he comes to work already. Prior to his arrival, Dino already shared his initiatives of some programs that he might be doing and engaged in a discussion with our staff members. During his volunteering time with us, he's done plenty of amazing activities that brings new experience, knowledge, and perspective to our beneficiaries. We really appreciate some of the great (we might say leadership) characters in him such as work standard, initiating action, and impact.

Abraham, El-De'ot private course international class

"Dino has been a great volunteer. He managed everything well in our International Classes, he always prepared the slides in advance (few days even a week before the meeting), put great pictures, stories and inspirations in all the slides. He was also open to any feedbacks to make himself better volunteer. He is a friendly, communicative and responsible volunteer, 'real man for the job'."

English cafe Ujung Batu
April 2023

"We had so much fun hosting him and chatting with him that we wished he could stay with us longer. He helped us in all schools and institutions where he was needed. As an English teacher, he was incredibly flexible and adapted easily to all circumstances. He taught students of various ages and was always eager to help out in new and challenging situations. He has the ability to teach university lecturers, but he also works well with younger kids. He gets along well with everyone in every situation. He is a great guy, responsible, hardworking but still fun, and has a good laugh. We wish him the best of luck with his future. He is always welcome to come back."

Tirtah Quddus
Permaculture farm
February 2023

"Dino has one of the best temperaments I’ve seen in someone. He’s polite and he’s hardworking. And he’s good with kids too."

Chilli farm Janda Baik
February 2023

"He is a truly amazing volunteer! He helped us a lot in many areas. No fuss, ready early and willingly worked extra hours even in rain he just wanted to finish whatever he was done, live simple, knowledgeable about farming and he put many ideas to our vegetables garden. We're proud of our garden's new look. We hope to meet him again in the near future and wish all the best for his volunteering journey. We highly recommended him to future host as the best volunteer that you will never regret to have."

Fruit farm Merbau Suites
January 2023

"He's kind of a gift from the God, easygoing, caring, handyman, and had a lot of experience about plantation. He finished everything that he's started, even helping with extra task are no problem for him. We have a good time with this person and many new things appear when he leaves this place. So please invite this person to your house and you can feel like having an extra family person!"

Room to Grow
December 2022

"Anyone who hosts Dino will wish to see him again. He is a very nice person, a very dedicated, and a very hard worker. I had a great time with him and he helped me to develop the curriculum. He liked cooking some food. And the taste was so yummy. He was happy to help anytime anywhere. He is very very very good person so words are not enough to describe him. I would have loved for him to stay longer :) I wish him success in his travels and to see him again."

Sekolah Progresif Bumi Shalawat
November 2022

"Mr. Dino did his responsibilities well. He brought different atmosphere to motivate and teach English. He involved and supported all activities. He also prepared the lesson well, immerse with students and teachers like family. He is nice, easy going and very talented person."

Elmer Haynes, MANO
The Netherlands
September 2022

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dino for the past few months. Dino was a volunteer and was giving English lessons to asylumseekers every week, at first it started with an beginners course and quickly Dino discovered that there was need for a advanced English course so he arranged that he would give beginners English and also advanced English lessons for the following months. Dino’s character can be described as very flexible and caring, he can adjust to any situation and that makes it easy to work with him. I’ve interviewed some of the asylumseekers and they describe his teachings as follows; “Dino involves everybody during the lessons and leaves room for a dialog, because of his method of teaching my English improved very quickly and I was excited for Dino’s lessons every week”. Another asylumseeker described; “Dino came prepared and he showed interest in the development of the students during the course”. Dino is also very punctual, he was always 10 minutes before the appointment took place at the location for preparations. To summarize, it was a pleasure working with Dino, I could count on him to deliver high quality English lessons and he is independent so he doesn’t need “micromanagement”.

Course tutors CELTA
BSN Language Center
The Netherlands
December 2020

"Dino was a participant on the 2020 CELTA course, which was interrupted by the Coronavirus epidemic. As a result, the course had to be extended and much of the input was delivered online. Throughout the course, Dino supported his peers who found the transition more challenging. He was an optimistic and conscientious trainee who was popular with everyone. In Teacher Practice he was eager to experiment with a range of teaching techniques and he had a keen awareness of the learner experience. He was skilled at adapting and designing creative, student-friendly materials. His contributions to post lesson feedback and input were insightful, detailed and constructive. Outside of the course, Dino was keen to explore teaching approaches and methodology. He was such a positive influence on this course and helped lift the morale of the other trainees throughout. Dino's work ethic and genuine curiosity would make him a valuable addition to any teaching team."

Mr. Dedi
January 2018

Dino has been a wonderful help during his stay. He's not just became a friend but a family member to us. We wish him all the best and are looking forward meeting him again. Make sure you accept him as a volunteer, he is very skilled and helpful.

Modern Nature
December 2017

"Dino is very helpful and hardworking. He is willing to do tough job and sharing his opinion. Thank him so much during his time here and hope that he can visit us again if he is woofing to Malaysia again."

Sakon Natural
October 2017

"Dino is a hard worker, reliable, and knowledgeable."

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